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Mindovo is exceptional at identifying the best technology solutions and then ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the purchase, set-up, and training.
— Richard Lenny, Board of Directors, McDonald's

A meticulously hand-crafted resource.


Over the past 20 years Mindovo has served the unique needs of the highly successful and the well-known as trusted technology advisors. Now, access Mindovo's essential insights and practical guidance via a Mindovo Insights membership.



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Need extra help? Connect with a Mindovo expert by phone, video, or screen sharing via a scheduled appointment. No call centers. No waiting on hold. Just you and your trusted Chicago-based team - experts who know you and where you left off last time.



In-home help available in select communities.


Our thoughtful, plain-spoken advisors are here to help you plan and manage all of your residential technology needs. You no longer need to figure everything out on your own or struggle to manage multiple vendors.



Mindovo is wonderful! They work seamlessly with my IT department to ensure that I’m running as securely and smoothly at home as I am at the office. Everyone is on the same page and it’s just great!
— Bill Kelley, Vice Chairman, Jelly Belly
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