Benefits of Making an Introduction


Free Service for You

5 minutes of your time is worth 15 minutes of ours. For every introduction you make we'll credit your Mindovo account with 15 minutes of complimentary service. Valuable.


No Purchase Required

A thank you, not a commission. Whether or not your contact becomes a Mindovo client you still receive your 15 minute account credit as a thank you for the introduction. No pressure.


more free service for you

We'll round up from 15 minutes free to 1 Hour FREE. If your contact joins the Mindovo family with a purchase we'll round up your account credit to a full hour. Thank you.


Double Hours foR New clients

5 Hours + 5 FREE Hours. If your contact does engage Mindovo they not only benefit from a unique service, but are welcomed with double hours when making their first purchase. Insider savings. 


How It Works

  1. Make sure you have joined a Mindovo membership plan. Participation is limited to Mindovo Home, Mindovo Work, and Mindovo Enterprise member clients only. Contact us to determine if your account is eligible or to learn how to upgrade your account.
  2. Email your contact. Your advisor provides you with a brief, suggested email template to send to your chosen contacts. You may edit it in any way you see fit before sending. If you know a specific technology need your contact has you might mention it or provide an example of how Mindovo has helped you.
  3. Copy your Mindovo Advisor. Simply "cc" your Mindovo Advisor within the email you send to your contact.
  4. Your advisor reaches out to your contact. After your Mindovo Advisor receives a copy of your email, your advisor will reach out to your contact to set up a complimentary initial meeting with them.
  5. We meet with your contact for free and credit your account. Once your contact has met with a Mindovo Advisor for their complimentary meeting, your account will be credited whether or not they make a purchase.

Not So Fine Print

  • In order to begin making introductions you must first be in touch with a Mindovo Advisor who will approve, in writing, your participation in this closed program. If you have been personally invited to participate this step is already complete.
  • Clients may introduce up to 4 new contacts to Mindovo within any 30 day period.
  • Your contact must schedule a complimentary meeting with Mindovo within 90 days of receiving your introduction email in order for your account to be credited with 15 minutes of complimentary service time.
  • If your contact makes a purchase of Mindovo service within 180 days of receiving your introduction email, your account will be credited with 1 hour of complimentary service time.