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Mindovo Reserve

99.00 every month

Everything from Mindovo Insights + Mindovo Connect plus …

Access to our most advanced onsite services at our lowest available pricing.*

* Mindovo Monday pricing - normally reserved for just one day of the year - is now available exclusively for members every single day when purchasing service hours.

** Currently available in Chicago

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Key Mindovo Reserve Benefits

  • Receive DOUBLE HOURS - 5 Hours + 5 FREE every day of the year (not just on Mindovo Monday) when purchasing service hours

  • Service pack hours never expire as long as your membership is active - non-member hours expire 90 days after purchase

  • Access to Mindovo Insights for up to 6 members of your household - insights, advice, and how-to’s written without techy jargon available online and in your inbox

  • Access to Mindovo Basecamp - collaborate with your team including direct messaging, collaborative to-do lists, access to work records and account balance in real time, a single place for all of your technology records, fully editable by members

  • 50% off all fees including on-site and recycling fees

  • Participate in Mindovo Introductions - introduce a friend, family or colleague to Mindovo and each receive a free hour of service when your introduction becomes a member

  • Lock-in Our Lowest Rates - In the event of any service pack fee increases, members receive an extra 12 months of the previous, less expensive pricing