Non-Member Option

Mindovo Memberships are designed to offer our very best services at our lowest available pricing via flexible month-to-month plans. However, sometimes you may have shorter term needs that require less ongoing engagement. In those cases a non-member Mindovo Service Bundle is perfect.

5 Hour Service Bundle
  • Non-member rate

  • Save $650 versus purchasing at the non-member hourly rate

  • Expires within 90 days from the date of purchase

Purchase Now

Members pay the same rate listed above but receive double the hours. You might want to give our Mindovo Reserve and Mindovo Connect memberships another look. Member savings are substantial.

If not, just note that all non-member hours expire within 90 days of purchase whereas members’ service credits never expire as long as their membership remains active.

Non-members also pay full price for all fees - such as onsite fees and recycling fees - while members receive 50% off of all fees. Members also receive substantial discounts from major technology brands which non-members do not.